VITAL - living our values

Our values go to the heart of everything we do, from the largest research project through to day to day interactions with colleagues and students.

Our values are explained at length within our strategic plan and underpin our motto Ut Vitam Habeant - so that they may have life. But in order to give staff a quick and easy way to remember the values we have created VITAL, a simple acronym that will help ensure that they are reflected in everything we do.

Valuing people

We respect, trust and appreciate our people. We recognise others' achievements and our own. We celebrate success. We help everyone to achieve their potential.


We have the confidence to solve problems creatively. We are always striving to improve our service. We are resilient, proactive, clear communicators. We nurture a safe environment for innovation.


We work better when we work together. We collaborate with other stakeholders to share knowledge and best practice. We draw on others' expertise and create networks to develop new ideas.


We are responsible for our actions. We hold ourselves and others to account and admit our mistakes. We agree what is expected and deliver on our promises. We are responsive and able to demonstrate where we've made a difference.


We are confident professionals; we value knowledge and expertise and know when to use them. As leaders, we demonstrate integrity, honesty and transparency. We use our judgement and work well with others across all departments.

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