National Student Survey: Information for staff

The National Student Survey (NSS) is organised nationally and is aimed at undergraduate students in their final year. The results help us to identify areas where we need to make further progress to enhance our students’ teaching and learning experiences.

We are asking all eligible students to take part and we are asking all student facing staff to help publicise the NSS throughout the duration of the survey.



The schedule for this year is:

  • Survey opens nationally: 8 January 2018
  • Promotion will begin at Leicester: 22 January 2018
  • Ipsos MORI begins contacting our students: w/c 5 February 2018
  • Closing date: 30 April 2018 (student vacation between 29 March and 30 April)

Key information

The National Student Survey

The survey is commissioned by Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and is conducted by Ipsos Mori. Undergraduate students, usually studying in their final year, will be asked for their views on:

  • The quality of the teaching and assessment on their course.
  • Personal development and academic support they have experienced.
  • Organisation and management within their department.
  • The quality of, and access to, learning resources.

There is a standard set of questions, plus an additional question about satisfaction with the Students’ Union.

The response rate

Ipsos Mori will contact students initially asking them to complete the survey and will then send reminders throughout the survey period to students who have not yet responded.

Weekly response rate figures are provided by Ipsos Mori. These will enable us to target our marketing and promotional activities to specific departments and programmes to ensure they reach the thresholds for publication.

Marketing materials

We have shared printed and electronic promotional materials for departmental use during the campaign period. If you need more materials, email

Encouraging student participation

We promote the NSS to our students through a variety ways. If you would like to further raise the profile of the NSS with students in your department, we have made a range of marketing materials available.

Departments should consider doing some of the following to encourage students to participate in the survey:

  • Communicate with all students (and all staff) the importance of the survey and what actions have been taken in response to all forms of feedback, drawing students’ attention to the incentive on offer.
  • Display the NSS publicity material prominently in areas with high footfall.
  • Arrange set opportunities for students to take the survey as a group – and yes, it is within the rules to offer free pizza etc

Students that complete the survey are eligible for a free food and drink voucher, or non-campus based voucher if they are a distance learner - visit our webpage for full terms and conditions, and how to collect.

Freeze on internal surveys

We want to encourage maximum participation of final year undergraduates in this year’s NSS without the distraction of additional surveys. It would be appreciated if departments, colleges and support services could refrain from surveying final year undergraduates between the dates of 5 February and 30 April 2018.

The results

The survey closes on 30 April 2017. We expect to be able to preview the results in August. As in previous years analysis and commentary on the results will be sent to departments prior to their publication on the Unistats website.

The results from the main questionnaire are published on Unistats and some questions are also included in the Key Information Sets (KIS) which are published on course pages

We use the NSS results, together with other feedback from students, staff and external examiners, to highlight where departments and the University are doing well and to inform plans for improvement.

Further information

If you have any queries about the communication of the survey, then please contact

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