If you're interested in what's going on for Staff at the University whether it be pure entertainment, courses, conferences or lectures then you can find it here.


events-music.jpgArts and Entertainment

Exhibitions, musical performances, comedy and much more.


events-workshops.jpgCourses and Workshops

Workshops, courses and guided learning sessions.



Upcoming conferences and major events.


events-lecture.jpgLectures and Talks

Lectures, presentations, talks and seminars.

Adding new events

If you've got an event you want to promote to other members of staff via this site then you will need to submit your event and use the keywords 'Magazine:Staff' in conjunction with the keyword 'Event:Arts, Event:Courses, Event:Conference or Event:Lecture' depending on what type of event it is.

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Search for events

You can search for events by date or type using the University's main events listing.