Caterers claim quizmaster crown

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Report from the annual Staff Quiz on 26 November
Caterers claim quizmaster crown

Marketing Communications's Mike Simpson delivered a fiendish selection of questions.

Twenty teams from across the University competed the evening of 26 November in the annual Staff Quiz, raising funds for charity in the process. The winners were a team from the Catering Division who scored an impressive 98 out of 120.

Staff from External Relations organised the event and set the questions, which tested the contestants’ knowledge of sporting history, capital cities, unhealthy food, transport, band names and TV remakes. Prizes were donated by the Senior Common Room and Residential and Commercial Services. There were also prizes for the best team name, the lowest-scoring team and the worst answers of the evening.

Entry fees and a collection raised over £250 for Children in Need.

How well would you do? Typical questions from the 2014 Staff Quiz:

  1. Blockbusters host Bob Holness played which famous fictional character in a radio drama in the 1950s?
  2. What is the sum of adding the number of the Simpsons’ house on Evergreen Terrace to the number of the Dursleys’ house on Privet Drive?
  3. Antananarivo is the capital of which country?
  4. Which band took their name from a 17th/18th century agriculturalist who invented the horse-drawn seed drill?
  5. Which sporting event was first held in 1872 when Wanderers beat Royal Engineers?
  6. What proprietary foodstuff, first sold in 1967, can be described as a hyperbolic paraboloid?
  7. Who played Michael Scott, the equivalent of David Brent, in the US remake of The Office?
  8. In London, what is unusual about the no.9 bus between Kensington High Street and Aldwych, and the no.15 bus between Trafalgar Square and Tower Hill?

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