Leicester academics in talks with Chinese institutions over space and earth observation research co-operation

Posted by pt91 at Sep 15, 2016 04:29 PM |
Head of the Department of Geography hosts delegation and makes visit to China to promote cooperation in space and earth observation research

The University of Leicester recently welcomed a delegation from the Chinese Shandong Institute of Aerospace Electro-Technology (SIAE).

The visit, led by Professor Zhang Yutu, Vice-President of the Institute, will took place from 13 - 15 of September 2016. The purpose of the visit was to hold discussions over future cooperation in research into space and Earth Observation. The University of Leicester has recently established a research institute in space and earth observation (LISEO) and the visit will offer the opportunity to showcase some of the world-leading research being undertaken by Leicester academics.

Professor Kevin Tansey, host for the visit, said: "I was pleased to be able to welcome our Chinese colleagues to Leicester. I first met with representatives of SIAE at the 2014 and 2015 UK-China space workshops that were been held in Shanghai and Newbury respectively. I hope the visit is the start of a period of cooperation and collaboration."

The delegation also met with Professor Paul O’Brien, Professor of Astrophysics and Space Science, and Professor Heiko Balzter, Director of the Centre of Landscape and Climate Research during their visit.

Next week, Professor Tansey will make the return journey to China. He has been invited through the prestigious Chinese SAFEA programme (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) to visit Peking University. The programme also supports a visit by Dr Marc Padilla, one of Professor Tansey's Research Associates.

Professor Tansey said: "Dr. Marc Padilla and I have been invited by Prof Lei Yan, Head of Beijing Key Laboratory of Spatial Information Integration and its Applications, to hold discussions around our respective research interests and to identify future funding opportunities. These research interests include mapping forest and forest disturbance, and advancing remote sensing technology in agriculture."

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