The Italian Ambassador in London visits the School of Modern Languages

Posted by pt91 at Feb 16, 2015 05:21 PM |
The University recently welcomed Pasquale Terracciano to campus to speak to staff and students

On Wednesday 28 January the Italian Ambassador in London, Pasquale Terracciano, visited the School of Modern Languages.

During his visit, the Ambassador met Professor Julie Coleman, acting Head of the College of Arts Humanities and Law, Dr Rabah Aissaoui, Head of the School of Modern Languages, and staff in the Italian Department and discussed possible future collaborations between the Italian Embassy and the School of Modern Languages.

Mr Terracciano then gave a talk to University staff and students in which he outlined the role of Italy in the European economy, reminded the audience of the Italian unparalleled cultural and artistic heritage and stressed the advantages of learning Italian as a foreign language. Learning Italian, he explained, does not only give access to a unique cultural experience, but also increases employability prospects for students, by equipping them with communication skills, flexibility, adaptability self-reliance and cultural understanding, as well as linguistic competence. These are skills which are increasingly in demand in a globalised job market and which studying foreign languages and cultures can provide.

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