From Snow White to Arlo: new guide reviews every Disney animated film

Posted by pt91 at Mar 09, 2016 01:20 PM |
New publication by member of the marketing team

A member of the University's Department of Marketing & Student Recruitment has published a guide that reviews every Disney and Pixar animated movie to date.

Office Manager Philip Clarke has written the exhaustive guide partly for parents who want to know which are the best films for children but also for fans of the genre.

It All Started with a Mouse is a journalistic review of animated movies, concentrating on the feature length animated productions of Disney and Pixar. Exploring every movie from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ to ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and everything in between; including live action/animation combinations and the many direct to video sequels.

Philip said: “There are a number of movie guides and reviews available but few on animated movies. Reviews are often just a few paragraphs and I wanted something more detailed. So here I have written around three pages on each film. I’ve also included live action/ animation combination films (such as Mary Poppins and Pete’s Dragon) and the direct to video sequels which the other guidebooks do not include.

“All the reviews are subjective so I understand not everyone is going to agree but generally speaking the book is more of a celebration of these films rather than anything too critical.

“While researching I found a number of unofficial Disney books but most were centred around the theme parks. I could only find one official book based on the films in general (apart from the art books centred on individual movies) but it only really covered the films made during Walt Disney’s lifetime. I’ve often found when reading unofficial books the writers have a lot more freedom to be honest.

“I hope people get a kick out of reading about films from their childhood and finding a few things out they didn’t know and celebrating these characters, songs and famous sequences.

“I’ve been writing a children’s fiction book at the same time which should be coming out later this year so it’s been nice to alternate between the two projects.”

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