Award for criminologist recognises early career success

Posted by pt91 at Aug 12, 2015 01:20 PM |
Dr Lisa Smith receives award from European Association for Psychology and Law

Dr Lisa Smith, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Criminology, has been recognised for her early success in her career by a professional body dedicated to the promotion and development of research in the field of psychology and law.

The European Association for Psychology and Law (EAPL) held its annual conference in Nuremberg, Germany from 4-7 August. One of their annual awards is the EAPL Early Career Research Award, which is a distinction for individuals who are within five years of graduating from their PhD. Candidates are nominated by experts in the field of psychology and law and the recipient is selected based on criteria indicating excellence, previous achievement, and potential for future research contributions.

Dr Smith said: “I was delighted to be the recipient of the EAPL Early Career Award at this year’s conference. It is so nice to be recognised by your peers for the work that you are doing and your accomplishments, and so I would like to thank the EAPL committee for this award.”

Professor Renate Volbert, President Elect EAPL, said: "With her extensive and excellent research into jury and judicial decision making about forensic science evidence, Lisa has contributed substantially to the field of psychology and law. Lisa is a researcher who is building solid bridges between different disciplines and also between the academic and the applied field. With this award, EAPL acknowledges a very successful and very promising early career. I am sure that her knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm will continue to produce and inspire high quality projects for many years to come."

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