Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma

Posted by pt91 at Apr 02, 2014 03:00 PM |
New publication by University psychologist

A University psychologist has published a new book aiming to help professionals working with young people who have experienced trauma.

Professor Panos Vostanis from the School of Psychology has recently published 'Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma'. This groundbreaking new book brings together policy, evidence, practice, service development and children’s narrative to provide a far-reaching overview of this vulnerable and traumatised group. It combines powerfully written, dramatic scenarios and draws on evidence-based research to fully illustrate concepts and present practical ideas for change to interventions and services resulting in effective, sustainable practice.

Theory and practice are interwoven, offering real solutions for anyone working with children. Everyone has a role and many opportunities to make a difference – at home, school and in the community.

Professor Vostanis says, in the preface to the book: "Many children’s stories we will encounter are not nice; far from it, many have been brought out by abhorrent acts, and the feelings they instil are unpalatable. This is how they are meant to be. What I am seeking is connectedness and understanding, not sympathy or pity. Hearts and minds together can bring change, we desperately need both…Traumatized children’s fragility and determination go hand in hand; we inevitably mirror both, as we constantly struggle to move with them from Despair to Hope."

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