Dr Xiaowen Yang

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Friends and colleagues of Dr Yang are welcome to attend his funeral service which will take place on Wednesday 30 August. Full details are in the final paragraph of Dr Yang's obituary.

It is with great regret that we must announce the untimely and unexpected death of Dr Xiaowen Yang, at the age of 52.  Xiaowen was not only a hugely valued and respected colleague, but also a friend to many in the College.

Xiaowen joined the University in 2006 to establish a cloning and protein expression facility (PROTEX) in the Department of Biochemistry.  He had obtained his PhD in China in 1998 followed by a post-doctoral appointment in the Chinese Academy of Science. He came to the UK in 2000, working first at Rothamsted Research and later at the University of Oxford, where he contributed to solving 27 new protein structures.  Leicester was fortunate indeed to recruit such an excellent and highly-skilled scientist to establish the PROTEX facility.

Under Xiaowen's leadership the facility has grown to become a major asset not just for the Department, but for the whole College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology.  Indeed, PROTEX is now one of the most successful facilities within Core Biotechnology Services.  Xiaowen not only continued to develop the facility, but also was highly innovative in introducing new technologies, including novel vectors for gene-editing. As a result, PROTEX has contributed enormously to the success of multiple research programmes at Leicester.  More recently Xiaowen was also working to expand PROTEX to serve the needs of our partner Universities within the Midlands.

Everyone who has worked with Xiaowen will know what a helpful, "can-do" and kind person he was.  He will be sorely missed and his premature death represents a great loss to the University.

Xiaowen is survived by his wife, Guixiang, and daughter, Betty, of whom he was incredibly proud - especially of her success in gaining a place at the University of Oxford.

Guixiang and Betty welcome friends and colleagues to attend the funeral on Wednesday 30 August at 10:30 at Great Glen Crematorium, 9 London Road, Great Glen, LE8 9DJ followed by interment at Oadby Cemetery at 11.30 and a reception at A.J. Atkinson & Son Funeral Home, 12 London Road, Oadby, LE2 5DG.

  • Obituary written by  Professor John Schwabe

Tim Wragg

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The University has learnt, with regret, of the passing of Mr Timothy Ronald Wragg.

Timothy served the University for over a quarter of a century, arriving in 1980 and retiring from his position as Director of Residential and Conference Services in 2007. During Tim's tenure, Residential Services at the University were overhauled, notably Tim oversaw the development of John Foster Hall in Oadby Student Village in 2006.

Following his retirement, Tim moved to Suffolk where he spent his final years chatting, laughing and travelling the world with his partner Alan.

A quirky and friendly character, Tim will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues at the University of Leicester.

Professor Richard Bonney

Professor Richard Bonney

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The University has learnt, with regret, of the passing of Professor Richard Bonney.

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Dr Michael Phillips

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The University is saddened to hear of the passing of long-serving mathematics lecturer, Dr Michael Phillips.

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Mrs Macca Wasserstein

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The University is saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs Macca Wasserstein.

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Dr Anthony M Evans

Dr Anthony M Evans

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The University has learnt, with regret, of the passing of Dr Anthony (Tony) Evans.

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