Syahrie Anggara

Posted by rmt22 at Sep 27, 2017 12:03 PM |
The University is very sad to hear of the sudden death of our recent MSc graduate Syahrie Anggara, who passed away in Italy on 22 September.

Syahrie had been holidaying in Italy as he awaited the results of his MSc, unfortunately, while trekking in the Alps he was struck with extreme hypothermia and never recovered.

The incident happened a few days before the MSc Awarding Board met, so he never found out that he passed his degree with Merit, which adds to the tragedy. Syahrie’s family travelled from Indonesia to be with him and Dr Kal Karim, from the Department of Chemistry, went above and beyond the call of duty to travel to Turin to hand over Syahrie’s MSc certificate (which had been very helpfully rushed through by Registry).

Syahrie’s Personal Tutor Professor Paul Cullis described him as an enthusiastic and well-liked student, and his research project supervisor, Professor Andrew Abbott, praised the quality of his work, saying: “As part of his MSc Syahrie carried out a research project on the processing of minerals using ionic liquids. The results he obtained were excellent and showed that metals could be directly recovered from minerals by a new technique.

“The work will eventually be published in a major scientific journal and that is an outstanding achievement in a short research project. This makes the circumstances of his death all the more tragic.”

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