Professor Hamish Miles OBE

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The University has learnt, with regret of the passing of Professor Hamish Miles

The University is saddened to hear of the death of Professor Hamish Miles.

Professor Miles served as a Professor in the Department of History from 1966 until 1970. A leading expert on the work of David Wilkie, Professor Miles pioneered the History of Art course at the University of Leicester and founded the Department of Art History. Professor Miles's interest in David Wilkie is thought to be inspired by Wilkie's painting Washington Irving in the Archives of Seville which is part of Leicester's New Walk Museum & Art Gallery's collection.

Whilst at Leicester, Professor Miles became a founding member of the Association of Art Historians and served as an unpaid member of the Museums and Galleries Commission. For the Museums and Galleries Commission, Professor Miles published the influential Miles Report which highlighted the need for government support of the arts and the role which institutions play in promoting the arts.

Following his departure from our University, Professor Miles moved to the University of Birmingham where he helped to develop the reputable Barber Institute of Fine Arts into what is considered to be one of the greatest small galleries in the world.

Professor Miles was awarded an OBE for services to art in 1987 and remained at Birmingham as a Professor and Director of the Barber Institute until 1990. After leaving Birmingham, Professor Miles and his wife Jean retired to Edinburgh where he enjoyed antiquing and penned an extensive tome of David Wilkie.

Professor Miles is survived by his wife and their two sons and two daughters.

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