Mrs Macca Wasserstein

Posted by crm28 at Jul 25, 2017 11:47 AM |
The University is saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs Macca Wasserstein.

Mrs Margaret (Macca) Wasserstein, the widow of the late Professor Abraham (Addi) Wasserstein has passed away.

Professor Wasserstein served as Professor of Classics at the University from 1960-69 and Dean of the Faculty of Arts 1966-69. Abraham and Macca were married in 1942 and Mrs Wasserstein played an active part in the social life of the early University.

Macca left Leicester when her husband took up a roll as Professor of Greek at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following her departure from the East Midlands, Macca remained in touch for many years with the friends she made whilst based at the University of Leicester and will be greatly missed by those who knew her.

Macca and Addi are survived by their two sons, Bernard and David, and their daughter Celia.

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