Newsbites from around the University: 27 April - 8 May

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Quickfire stories and successes from staff and students
  • Dr Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor discussed her research on cosmetic surgery in an interview for The History Hour on BBC World Service (from 9:20). Dr Sanchez Taylor, from the Department of Media, Communications and Sociology explained how, historically, the way that people display their bodies has always been important and a marker of social status. Dr Sanchez Taylor also explained how cosmetic surgery is becoming far more accessible with credit available for high street surgery.
  • Professor Loretta Lees, from the Department of Geography, discussed the effects of gentrification on communities and the housing market in a debate for Renegade Inc. on RTUK. Professor Lees suggested that gentrification causes the displacement of long-standing communities and businesses rather than a 'trickle-down' of wealth. Watch more here.

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