Can you lend your brain to science for 20 minutes to help with our research?

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 29, 2017 09:35 AM |
Are you a healthy adult with no known heart problems or brain injuries? If so, can you spare 20 mins to lend you brain to science?

Our team from the University of Leicester are using ultrasound to measure tiny pulsations of the brain over the cardiac cycle. We want to know if the brain pulses less as you get older and whether there are any differences in size of pulsations between men and women.

Our measurements involve…

  • Measuring blood pressure using an inflatable arm cuff.
  • We will ask you to attach three ECG stickers to your torso to record your heart-rate.
  • Brain tissue pulsations will be measured using a small ultrasound probe held in place using an elasticated headband.
  • During our recordings we ask you to close your eyes and breathe normally.
  • Measurements take approximately 20 mins!

Please wear a loose top so that it is easy to check your blood pressure and obtain ECG signals.

The first 160 volunteers receive a £5 gift voucher!

Our laboratory is based at Leicester Royal Infirmary, on the fourth floor of the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building. To book an appointment, and for more information, please contact Dr Emma Chung (, 0116 252 5839)

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