Wine Club Constitution

1. Aim
The aim of the Club shall be to hold wine tastings and dinners.

2. Membership

All past and current employees of the University may become full members of the club.

2.1 Associate Membership

Persons not eligible for membership may become associate members of the club if proposed and seconded by two full members of the club, on condition that the proposer accepts full responsibility for any liabilities to the club incurred by the associate member. An associate member will have the right to make use of the club's facilities and attend any function sponsored by the club, but will not have voting rights at a General Meeting.
Members may be entitled to a reduction in the cost of dinner events as appropriate as agreed at the AGM.

3. Committee

The Committee, responsible for the running of the club, shall consist of:
A Chairman,
A Secretary,
A Treasurer,
A Social Secretary
Additional members or co-opted members as applicable
All officers are appointed annually for a period of one year (on the understanding that existing officers will give notice if they do not wish to seek re-election in order to allow for succession planning).Any committee members not attending at least one committee meeting and one event shall be deemed to have forfeited their committee membership for the following year.

4. Subscription
A subscription (if deemed to be applicable) will be fixed at the General Meeting of the Club and any modifications shall be submitted by the Treasurer to a General Meeting of the members to be voted on by the meeting.
Any person eligible in terms of section 2 shall be deemed to be a member of the club on payment of the subscription.

5. General meeting
A General Meeting of the club shall be convened annually. An extraordinary General Meeting can be convened either at the request of the Committee or when requested in writing by six or more full members.
Business of the Annual General meeting will be to receive reports from the outgoing Committee, audited accounts from the Treasurer, proposal for any subscription for the year, agree any reductions for dinner events for paid up members and elect an ingoing Committee.
Propositions for consideration at the AGM or an EGM should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting to allow distribution to all members for their consideration. Propositions at the AGM or EGM will only be approved if accepted by a 66% majority of those present.
A General Meeting shall be deemed to be quorate if at least 6 members are present, 2 should be Officers of the Club.

6. Accounts
The Treasurer shall administer the club's accounts.
The accounts shall be audited annually, with the auditor for the year being agreed at the AGM.

7. Events
The Club accepts its social position to encourage responsible drinking. The Social Secretary and the Treasurer in confirming the costs should encourage the designation of drivers by offering reduced cost attendance and non-alcoholic alternative drinks during the tasting and at table. Abuse of the reduced cost by individuals will result in a warning and then followed by termination of membership.

8.Wind-up of the club
In the event that the Club winds up, any remaining funds should be donated to a charity or charities to be determined by the Committee at the time.

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