Would you like to apply to become a qualified coach?

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An opportunity to be part of the recently launched University of Leicester Coaching and Mentoring Academy.

Coaching is a fantastic way of helping all of us to develop our unique talents and support each other to move forward, make plans and achieve goals.

The role of the coach is to ask questions and to listen, guiding coachees to draw on his or her resources and talents and to devise solutions for themselves; it is not about giving advice.

Full details are available in the University of Leicester Coaching and Mentoring brochure.

How do I train to become a coach?

You will study for the ‘industry-standard’ qualification, the ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring. The University will pay for the costs of training and in return you, post-qualification, will be asked to give back time to coaching your colleagues across the University. As a rule of thumb, this would be two coachees per year, equating to around two hours per month.

What is involved to achieve the ILM level 5 qualification?

Becoming a coach is extremely rewarding however, there is a considerable time commitment involved to obtain the qualification, so you must be sure that you really want to do this before applying. Here is an outline of the commitment:

Attend three two-day training sessions (which you must be available for all three workshops on either cohort 3 or cohort 4)

Cohort 3 training sessions (4 places available)

  • Workshop 1 - Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September
  • Workshop 2 - Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 October
  • Workshop 3 - Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 January 2018

Cohort 4 training sessions (16 places available)

  • Workshop 1 - Thursday 8 and Friday 9 February 2018
  • Workshop 2 - Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March 2018
  • Workshop 3 - Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May 2018

Following the sessions you will be required to complete three assignments.

As part of your training, you will need to undertake 12 hours of coaching practice. Note: the Academy will support you with finding coachees.

How to apply

Applications are welcome from all colleagues from across our University. If you would like to be considered for a place on cohort 3 or cohort 4, please complete the form shown in Appendix A of the brochure and return it to Lisa Hallam (x 5333).

Please note you will have to obtain the consent of your line manager and he/she must countersign your application form.

Coaching Leader one-day workshop

As part of our coaching development options the University also offers ‘The Coaching Leader’.  On this one day workshop you will learn how you can feel more comfortable coaching colleagues in day-to-day leadership situations, e.g, helping colleagues develop more confidence and better skills, leading to greater motivation and performance on the job.


This workshop will give you an introduction to the theory of coaching, provide practical support and refresh your skills in building rapport, listening, questioning and providing feedback. It is a ‘hands on’ workshop providing two opportunities to practise the skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Course objectives:

  • What coaching is (and isn’t)
  • How it can help you as a leader and how it can help colleagues
  • The key skills of coaching: building rapport, listening, questioning and feedback
  • The GROW model
  • Practice sessions
  • Personal reflection: how can you develop as a coaching leader?


Workshop Dates

There are a few places available on the following workshop:

  • Friday 24 November from 9.30am - 4.30pm on main campus.

To book your place, please email Lisa Hallam.

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