Welcome to your new staff workspace!

Posted by rmt22 at May 24, 2017 04:48 PM |
We have been promising this for a while, but now we’re finally able to show you your new staff workspace!

Marketing and Communications and IT Services have been working in partnership to create this new workspace as part of the digital campus improvements, based on feedback we've received about our current staff webpages.

The new homepage has been built in Sharepoint, one of the suite of Office 365 tools, and will eventually replace the existing staff webpage. We wanted to give you a sneak peek of what we hope will be a place you continue to return to throughout your working day.

More than just an intranet

We’re not calling it an ‘intranet’ because when you say intranet, you imagine a static set of pages, with access to lots of documents and information. And while this will be that, and we will be in touch soon to talk about your staff facing content on the current website, it does so much more.

It integrates with the whole range of Office 365 tools and is truly personalised, so when you log in you’ll get a personalised welcome, you’ll be able to see what you’ve got on that day, you’ll see your recently accessed One Drive documents, you will also be able to post your thoughts and ideas to Yammer.

Logging in

In order to gain the full benefit of this personalised and interactive workspace, you will need to authorise it to interact with your Office365 account. This is totally secure, your documents and settings will be yours to control. It is linked to your normal sign-on, so once you're signed in, you'll stay signed in, whether you're on campus, off-campus or at home.

This is just the start

Without further ado here's the link to your new workspace.

This is a pilot version and right now all you can see is what will be the homepage. We're keen to get your thoughts on this, and to know if there are any bugs or difficulties you face using the site. We'd welcome your feedback via the Digital Campus Improvements group on Yammer and where possible, we'll look to incorporate your suggestions.

At the moment there is a large section on the homepage devoted to Yammer, but we aim to develop this throughout the year and provide more personalisation. Eventually we hope to allow you to see announcements and information relating to your area or department or 'drag and drop' specific 'app' style parts which relate to your area of interest.

Name your new staff workspace

We also want to give you the chance to name the new workspace. Let's be honest, Workspace is a bit dull as a title, so we're looking to our creative and innovative staff to come up with something, short, catchy and meaningful.

Please give us your suggestions by emailing communications@le.ac.uk before the end of June and we'll put them to the group leading the development and let you know the winner soon afterwards. We will be putting an immediate veto on Worky McWorkspace and any variations thereof

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