We need you… to report health and safety incidents on campus

Posted by rmt22 at Oct 22, 2015 09:43 AM |
We aim to provide our staff and students with a safe and healthy work, study and research environment.

Many people are happy to leave that responsibility to specific health and safety team, but they can’t be everywhere at once.

All our staff members are vitally important when it comes to managing safety and we are asking you to be our eyes and ears around the University.

If you witness an incident or identify a hazard then please report it once it has been dealt with.

Incidents we would like to see reported include:

  • Injuries to staff, students, contractors, visitors and member of public
  • Near hits [near misses] where injury/damage may have occurred
  • Hazards, unsafe condition or activities
  • Environmental damage including spillages, leaks and floods
  • Loss or damage to equipment, supplies or any property
  • Any threat of or act of violence or anti-social behaviour

A description of health and safety risks

Please note: If the incident is serious [involvement of ambulance, police] or loss/damage of critical equipment/services – involving the safety of people – please report it to Security immediately on the Emergency Number 888 (0116 252 2888).

To report an incident you will need to fill out a health and safety incident report form with as much information as possible and give it to your supervisor/manager/Dept Safety Officer [DSO] who will assess it and forward it to the University Safety Services.

This will ensure that we have a complete record of incidents, we can investigate further if necessary and ensure that we learn lessons for the future.

If you are in any doubt, it’s always best to report an incident, even if it seems trivial at the time.

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