University of Leicester Gender Pay Gap report

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 21, 2018 10:35 AM |
We have just published information about our Gender Pay Gap, and the actions we have been taking to address it.

As an organisation with more than 250 employees we are required, under new regulations, to publish information about our gender pay gap annually.

We welcome this new transparency and have prepared a report on our gender pay gap which is available publicly.

You can also access a presentation used at Kate Bradley’s recent staff briefing session in the University Leadership Team Yammer group, and some frequently asked questions about the gender pay gap.

We are fully committed to closing the gender pay gap and we have a number of initiatives that align with this commitment which include:

  • Transformational approach to academic career progression and promotion through the Leicester Academic Career Map
  • Comprehensive suite of development and leadership programmes with gender equality elements embedded throughout
  • Improving our focus on career development through our Performance Development Discussion Framework

The report will now be formally published externally.

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