University hosts HeForShe impact champion steering committee

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We are proud to be the third host for this bi-annual meeting of the UN's flagship gender equality scheme, for which we are one of the 10 global higher education impact champions.
University hosts HeForShe impact champion steering committee

Professor Paul Boyle, Dr Kate Williams and Director of HR Kate Bradley with the other impact champions

We are currently hosting the HeForShe university impact champions steering committee which meets bi-annually, previously we have met in the USA at StoneyBrook university and at Science Po in Paris.

The agenda for the meeting is set by the UN HeForShe team led by Elizabeth Nayomora and all 10 representatives from the UN Unversity HeForShe champions were invited. Nine of the 10 partner universities are attending the committee, which is being held at our College Court Conference Centre.

Discussions range from IMPACT updates through to debriefs on events we have held such as the HeForShe Ideathon in November 2016, during which we asked staff and students for their thoughts on how we could continue to improve our gender equality agenda. We also had the chance to learn from our partners about the practical implementation of their IMPACT commitments as well as looking at what priorities we needed to focus on in the future.

This vital event has allowed us to build on relationships with universities across the world and create a united front in working towards greater gender equality. This year we will attend a joint steering committee meeting with the HeForShe corporate impact champions at the Vodafone learning centre in London. This is the first joint committee we have attended and will allow us to look at how our university impact champions can work more effectively with corporate impact champions to effect greater change.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you soon.

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