University Distinguished Teaching Fellowships

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Congratulations to the seven members of staff who have been awarded University Distinguished Teaching Fellowships in 2018.

Seven members of staff have been awarded University Distinguished Teaching Fellowships in recognition of their inspiring contributions to teaching and curriculum innovation and development.


Three recipients of University Distinguished Teaching Fellowships will receive their awards at the July graduation ceremonies:

Dr Kerry Dobbins
Leicester Learning Institute

In recognition for developing and fostering a community of practice through her transformational leadership of training provision. Kerry has provided excellent support for colleagues to develop and understand the scholarship of teaching and learning, and has positively influenced the conduct of pedagogic research across the University.

Dr Michelle Harrison
Modern Languages

In recognition of her commitment to inclusion and diversity and the ability to create an excellent rapport with students from varied backgrounds. Michelle has made important and influential contributions to the whole student journey through initiatives designed to support learning and enhance the student experience.

Dr Hugo Williams
Department of Engineering

In recognition for being an enthusiastic champion of continuous improvement and for having a transformative impact on the student experience in the Department of Engineering by introducing policy changes and initiatives to develop and challenge academic colleagues to improve the experience and performance of students. Hugo has nurtured a vibrant approach to teaching, initiating seminars on innovative teaching methods and opening up and helping to sustain a continuing dialogue on teaching excellence in his department.


A further four recipients will receive their awards at the January graduation ceremonies:

Professor Neil Christie
School of Archaeology and Ancient History

In recognition for leading on the enhancement of the post graduate research experience across the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities by delivering enriched training opportunities. Neil’s positive attitude and desire to always strive to do better by students has been a source of inspiration to his colleagues, alongside his pioneering of new approaches to supervision and supporting students.

Dr Katherine Clark
Molecular and Cell Biology

In recognition for her role as a first-rate educator and her dedication to the student experience, developing impactful teaching practices and improvements to raise levels of learning and comprehension of complex material. Katherine supports diversity and equality of opportunity in order that all students can succeed, expertly responding to changing student needs.

Dr Gina Fox
Department of Criminology

In recognition for the consistent application of innovative practices to her teaching, leading to higher levels of student engagement and achievement. Gina has stimulated learning through student partnerships in assessment design and through her response to her students’ diverse learning needs.

Dr Lisa Quinn
Leicester Medical School

In recognition for increasing feedback opportunities for students and for taking a lead role in the development and delivery of a new clinical feedback platform. Lisa’s innovative teaching practices have had a transformational impact across the School of Medicine, based on best pedagogical practice in order to both engage her students and ensure the learning she aims for is genuinely gained by them.

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