Unitemps: More cost effective than external agencies

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Unitemps work in partnership with the Career Development Service to provide quality full-time and temporary staff for the University.

Placing over 3000 people per year, Unitemps are committed to supporting the career development of our students and supporting their university experience by offering part-time and temporary employment.

What roles can they recruit for you internally?

Anything you need – if you need a student to do some envelope stuffing, support events or to work on a short or long-term project then they can recruit for you! The team at Unitemps have an extensive background in agency recruitment, so can offer the same service you would get from an external agency without the cost.

What is the benefit to students?

By working for Unitemps students will benefit from working with a supportive and familiar team, who have their best interests at heart. They also recognise that whilst financially supporting their studies is important – it shouldn’t impact negatively on their commitment to their course – so students working through Unitemps can work no more than 15 hours a week. In addition, any candidates who are unsuccessful when applying for jobs are referred to the Career Development Service for feedback and future application support.

What does it cost me to recruit through Unitemps?

You will be charged per hour for any temporary workers that you take on through Unitemps. The hourly charge to the department includes the hourly rate the candidate receives, the holiday pay allocation they are eligible to claim and an employer NI contribution.

Unitemps do not charge anything other than these costs. There is no surplus generated, all fees that are paid to Unitemps are used to cover the above mentioned legislative costs – but nothing else.

External agencies will charge you anything from 5 – 30% on top of the candidate rates to recruit for you and charge you a fee if you want to take staff on permanently. Unitemps will not charge you anything. As they are an internal department of the University there is also no VAT charge when you recruit through Unitemps.

How do I recruit through Unitemps?

Contact the office at: unitemps@le.ac.uk or on: 0116 229 7007 to discuss your recruitment requirements. Staff are available to assist with your queries Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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