The Students’ Union is on a mission to help you and your students

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Our Students’ Union is so much more than a place for sports and entertainment. They offer a huge range of support services for students. The following guest post from the SU explains how you can help promote them to students.

The Students’ Union (SU) is on a mission to develop our communications to students and staff, with the aim of improving the all-round experience for students at the University of Leicester. Our partnership with you is intrinsic to our success and therefore we’ve developed a number of resources including A staff member’s guide to the SU that helps us express:

  • Why we exist
  • Our objectives and the value of our departments for you and your students
  • How we can work together to achieve these

In addition, in September 2016 we launched #LeicsTalk – an umbrella service to house all of the support services across the University, SU and Community including student-led support groups. The objectives are two-fold:

  • Showing students the support available to them at UOL clearly and how the #LeicsTalk trained team can signpost them to services if they are not sure which they need
  • Helping staff familiarise themselves with the service and ensure they’re signposting students to the right services

Our hope is that you will become aware of all the services and main departments across campus, so regardless of who a student speaks to they will receive a similar level of information, support and signposting. To help with this we have also provided you with copies of A student’s guide to the SU and how it supports you and the SU support service timetable.

We would ask that you post these two resources permanently on your Blackboard pages so students can access them whenever they wish, along with a communication that you have done so if possible please.

We look forward to working more with you in the future and to find out more, get in touch with us (see the final page of the booklet).

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