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Find out more about the Students’ Union Advice Service, which supports students with a wide range of academic, housing and signposting advice.

The Students’ Union’s Advice Service has launched this term, replacing and expanding the work of the Education Unit. There are now more ways for students to get advice and support. As a member of staff you can speak with the expanded service to get advice on helping students with academic processes, housing queries and knowing which services to signpost students to.

What does the Advice Service do?

Provide free, confidential academic, housing and general signposting advice including:

  • Academic – help putting together an appeal or complaint (academic and non-academic), support with misconduct allegations including plagiarism, mitigating circumstances and other course/exam queries. 
  • Housing – guidance on knowing their rights, repair issues, housemate concerns or deposit returns.
  • Signposting – to other SU, University, student-led and community services. These come together under the Leicester Talks directory (see below).

Take a look at the webpages for a full range of matters they help with, including useful resources and step-by-step guides to processes students may need to follow.

How does the Leicester Talks directory help students and staff?

It brings together details of support services available across the University, Students’ Union, student-led groups, community and online services in one place.

It categorises support available by area of need e.g. physical and mental health, wellbeing, money matters, bullying and abuse etc.

Visit the Leicester Talks site to find out more . The Advice Service team are keen to support departments further, just email for advice or to receive copies of:

  • Physical copies of leaflets, posters, grids and timetables
  • Printable versions of the resources
  • Digital versions for your Blackboard or intranet site

3. How does the Advice Service support students?

  • Students can contact them directly or staff can refer students (or liaise on their behalf). They either drop in to the service or use the online enquiry form.
  • Listen and provide advice on the best process to follow, as well as supporting them to access other services.
  • Encourage students to send a drafts of the documents/statements and evidence to them and provide advice on improving this as many times as they need.
  • Attend meetings and hearings to provide emotional support, take notes and help explain anything they need further information on.
  • Keep an open door so students can get advice and support throughout their time here and liaise with other departments with their consent.

How can the Advice Service be contacted?

Get in touch online via the form here:

Visit the Advice Service on the First Floor of the SU, Monday to Friday 10am–4pm, email or call 0116 223 1132, if you need a quick response.

Is there anything else I can do?

Update any digital and physical resources that detail Education Unit support and replace it with the information below. You could also include this wherever you feel important for students and staff.

Advice Service (formerly the Education Unit)

They provide free, confidential and friendly academic, housing and general signposting advice for all students. You may need help putting together an appeal or complaint (academic and non-academic), mitigating circumstances form, or have other course/exam queries. They also provide guidance on knowing their rights, repair issues, housemate concerns, or deposit returns. Visit their website below for information on the full range of matters they help with, access useful resources and find guides on processes you may need to follow.

They also provide signposting to other Students’ Union, university, student-led and community services that may be able to help you. These come together under the Leicester directory covering areas such as physical and mental health, wellbeing, money and legal matters, bullying and abuse and urgent support. Visit: for more information.

For further information including making an enquiry with the Advice Service visit: Complete the online form to start speaking with them or you can drop-in, email: or phone on 0116 223 1132 if you need advice urgently.

What are the other support functions within the SU?

  • Peer Mentoring Scheme
  • Reporting incidents guidance
  • Self-improvement workshops
  • ‘How to Adult’ guidance
  • Drinkaware Club Crew (wellbeing team in the O2 on club nights)
  • Drop-in support service clinics

Visit for further details.

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