The Digital Learning Environment and Blackboard

Posted by rmt22 at Oct 04, 2017 09:56 AM |
We have heard many of our colleagues ask whether we will continue to use Blackboard.

We have looked at current options and can confirm that as an institution we will continue to use Blackboard until at least 2020 and possibly further. As you will have noticed we have recently improved the look and experience of using Blackboard. We’ve made it look modern and fresh, it's connected to our single sign-in system and it now works properly on a mobile phone browser.

We do know that we have not made the best use of Blackboard in the past. Working closely with Blackboard's own development team, we’ll be looking over the next year to enhance the capabilities of the system, add new functionality and ensure that it connects as effectively with SITS as it does our other learning systems such as Reflect and TurnItIn/Grademark.

Our Digital Learning Environment goes much further than Blackboard. Our aim is to integrate and enrich a wide variety of tools which support learning alongside a programme of digital upskilling for staff and students which will be rolled out across the institution. You can find out more about this approach on our Digital Campus webpages.

We also need to define what we’re using Blackboard for. First and foremost, Blackboard is a learning environment. But we have all too often simply used it as a document store, for which we now have other good systems available. It's time to refocus on what Blackboard does well and to see it as one tool within our much wider Digital Learning Environment.

As part of this programme of integration and enrichment, we will be rolling out training on the additional features of Blackboard and other tools throughout the academic year. If you have any further questions about the Digital Learning Environment, please visit the Digital Campus Yammer group.

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