Technician Commitment Event: Professional Registration

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Find out what professional registration means for you.

Professional registration is official and allows national recognition of skills or competencies awarded by the Science Council. This event is a follow up event from the Technician Commitment Launch event for all Technical staff to introduce Professional registration and what it means for you. Come along and find out what it all means, have the opportunity to talk to some professional bodies and network too.

Technicians make it happen

The Science Council is working to not only increase the visibility and recognition of technicians but to also ensure that professional recognition and career development opportunities are available to them. There are five key areas of the commitment.


Ensure that all technicians within the organisation are identifiable and that the contribution of technicians is visible within and beyond the institution.


Support technicians to gain recognition through professional registration.

Career development

Enable career progression opportunities for technicians through the provision of clear, documented career pathways.


Ensure the future sustainability of technical skills across the organisation and that technical expertise is fully utilised.

Evaluating impact

Regularly assess the impact of actions taken in support of the commitment to ensure their effectiveness

When: Tuesday 3 July 1.30–3.30pm

Where: Charles Wilson Belvoir Park Lounge, 2nd floor

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