Supporting continuous improvement

Posted by rmt22 at Feb 12, 2018 04:03 PM |
The Continuous Improvement Team has been formed to support teams to run the most effective services that they can.

We are building a ‘Leicester approach’ to continuous improvement which uses a range of tools that we have learned work well in at Leicester, all underpinned by a generous helping of common sense. We are also open to new techniques too! Our organisation is complex with many specialist areas, each with their own processes, and so we can be flexible in making improvements. We can work with you in a number of different ways including facilitation of focused pieces of work, training and development, or providing a ‘guide on the side’.

We do this by facilitating pieces of process improvement work, delivering training and providing resources to help you make improvements in your work. Making the work better will benefit both the student experience and you; by supporting you in making the improvements you want, we will help grow a culture of continuous improvement at Leicester.

Recently we undertook some work with HR Recruitment where all staff were involved in mapping their current processes and also met with a number of hiring managers in focus groups to find out their perspective. The team learned that hiring managers wanted more control when hiring staff and that the process was too complicated.

Over half of the queries received were chases, and most of the remainder were questions about the process. The team decided to make two changes: they introduced a recruitment plan which put all the recruitment information in one place to ensure clarity for the hiring manager, and they also ensured interview details were included on the shortlisting grid so that candidates could be invited more quickly. These changes have reduced the time spent responding to chases and queries, and ensured greater control for the hiring managers.

If you are interested in continuous improvement and want to talk about how you and your team can be supported, the Continuous Improvement Team would love to hear from you. For more information please email, call via 0116 252 5231, or visit the website. You can also follow the team on Yammer for regular updates on the work taking place throughout the University.

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