Supported PC project

Posted by ac652 at Oct 26, 2016 11:26 AM |
New support introduced for staff members with University-owned computers.

The University is increasing the support it provides to members of staff who have University-owned computers to ensure greater protection of your work and data.

All computers are now required to have effective security, storage and backup before connecting to the University’s IT network.

Whether you use a University PC, Mac or Linux computer, you will have access to free software that will provide greater protection for your work. Lost data can pose challenges for individuals, teams and the wider University and so this support programme, driven by the University’s Leadership Team (ULT), has been developed to help mitigate against these problems.

The Supported PC programme will support all University computers with enterprise strength security to reduce risk and remove the security burden from the individual user.

If you have a University computer that is not fully managed, then visit the Supported PC project website for more information. Please note: all University staff are expected to adhere to this policy.

If you have any questions which are unanswered on our Supported PC project FAQ webpage, please contact

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