Summer Schools season is here again!

Posted by rmt22 at Jun 19, 2017 09:15 AM |
During the last week of June, the Widening Participation team will be welcoming around 240 students onto campus for our residential summer school programmes

The Post-16 ‘Skills for Study’ summer school offers an interactive programme of activities in the sciences (GEM) and the Pre-16 Summer School offers pupils the opportunity to discover more about languages (Big World), medicine (Medicine) and study skills development (Skills for Study).

We would like to invite all of our staff to space 15 minutes to drop into the 'Skills for Study’ Fresher’s Fair style finale which is taking place in the Queens Hall (Students' Union Building) on Wednesday 28 June 2017 between 2.30pm and 4.00pm.

We would also like you to place your vote as to which group you feel has delivered the best fresher’s fair style student society stand (which one would you sign up for!).

I do hope that you are able to show your support to the participants, and the work we are doing to help raise their aspirations and progression to University and I look forward to seeing you at the event. Please do feel free to share this invite with any other colleagues who you think might be interested as well.


This year for our Year 12 (post-16) summer school, we are welcoming 100 students onto campus who are part of our Leicester Enhanced Access Programme, the Realising Opportunities Programme and our London to Leicester Partnership.

As part of the summer school, we are running a team challenge which asks participants in their groups to come up with a new/reimagined student society and form a society committee.  As a committee they are being asked to research their market competition/position, develop a strong marketing and recruitment strategy and develop a business case for society formation. On the finale day each group will be presenting their society ideas to a panel of judges (the society funders) and promoting their society in order to get buy in and sign up from their future society members (You and invited guests).

Through this challenge we will enable the participants to identify and develop the essential study and personal skills needed to be successful at University and in their future careers.

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