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Posted by rmt22 at Oct 29, 2019 01:47 PM |
We have seen a large number of emails being sent to students via Blackboard and wanted to clarify our guidelines to help improve student communication.

It is quite usual that at the start of term students will receive more emails due to the start of courses, but we have seen an increasing amount of non-academic emails sent using Blackboard, which in a number of cases has exceeded our limits and led to the Blackboard email system being blocked. While some of these emails are obviously relevant, a number of them are not, including invites to social events and information that is available elsewhere.

We do hear directly from students that they receive “too many emails”. They don’t distinguish between University, departmental or Blackboard emails and simply see it as “University spam”. By sending non-academic emails through the Blackboard system we run the risk of students either ignoring or blocking these messages, thus missing vital information or messages about their course.

We are recommending that you think carefully when sending emails from Blackboard and only use it for academic-related purposes.

For non-academic related local messages, please consider:

  • Adding them as a Blackboard Announcement but not selecting the option to send as email. This makes them visible on the Blackboard Home page and the first page of a Blackboard course
  • Including them in a student newsletter
  • A lecture shout-out

University-wide student announcements are promoted on the Student Homepage and included in a weekly email similar to Staff News. The Student Participation and Engagement team also look after the Student Life social media. If it is an event/story which is relevant to a large number of students, including not in your School, such as a public lecture, consider submitting it to the weekly Student News email which goes to all undergraduate and PGT students. Email at least 10 days beforehand.

For advice about the best way to communicate with your students, contact your College Marketing Manager or Senior Internal Communications Officer Ross Tarbard.

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