Stop! Yammer time.

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Back in January we launched Yammer, a new online platform that allows colleagues across the University to collaborate and come up with new and innovative ways of working.

After four months, more than 1,000 people are now signed up and more join every day. Discussions range from a debate on what our non-smoking policy should look like, through to a conversation about what to do with the trees removed from the old Fielding Johnson car park.

Along with the work discussions, Yammer is acting as a replacement for the ‘for sale and free to a good home’ section of the staff webpages, a place for staff social activities and groups to be arranged, and hosting post-event chats for our new Food for Thought lunchtime sessions.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of the users are saying about Yammer at the University of Leicester.

Angie Roberts – Academic Administration Business Partner, Change and Improvement
“I've learnt a lot more of what our wider University and colleagues are involved with. I have spoken to people I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to engage with on a day-to-day basis. I think Yammer is effective and hope to be using it more to facilitate discussions on Change and Improvement themes in the coming months.”

Grant Denkinson – Leicester Research Archive Manager
"I find it useful for quick thoughts that might spark thoughts from colleagues, like a tea room chat (but without the tea)"

Karen Bignold – Customer Care Officer in Estates
“Yammer has been really good for sharing ideas and tips on a variety of topics e.g. changes in Office 2013 and led to a suggestion to make sculptures out of the soon to be felled ash trees in the Fielding Johnson car park.”

Charlotte Langley – Postgraduate Research Administrator
“I definitely feel more connected to the different areas of the institution, and the collaborative aspect is really beneficial. I have also seen useful information/events etc. that I would have otherwise missed before because I wasn't on a relevant mailing list.”

Elena-Daniela Boaru – Development Coordinator (Academic) in the Students’ Union
“With Yammer I managed to give access to documents to various members of staff from various departments and allow changes to be made without the need of repeated meetings. This way we managed to discuss matters and make constructive comments in our own time and at our own pace....and reach consensus at a faster pace.”

To join the conversation on Yammer, just visit log in with your usual details and click the Yammer tile.

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