Staff volunteering helps local children

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One of our members of staff talks about their experiences volunteering in the local community.

The University of Leicester offers all staff the chance to take volunteering leave of up to two days per year in order to benefit the wider community and to develop personally.

Recently Chris Trafford from our Finance Division was granted two days volunteering leave in order to help at a youth camp run through his church, he was asked to share the experience with the wider university community. Over to Chris.

“Each year I volunteer to help lead a youth camp. There are three camps catering for kids and young people from 9-18 years old, and my wife and I have been helping with the 9-11 year old camp for a few years now.

“The camp is on a farm in rural east Leicestershire, and is set up by my Church. The main aim of the camp is to give the kids the most fun week of their year. The kids had a range of activities to join in with including horse riding, swimming, the bouncy castle slide, water games, craft, archery, a magician show, band and songs, discussions with the children about life struggles, a rope swing and then conclude with a bonfire on the last night.

“They also get to go on a tour of the farm including looking at the cows being milked, the water borehole system, wind turbines, baby calves, and the bull. There is also a chance to go on one of the infamous farmer-led walks, which usually involves slipping down muddy banks and crossing streams.

“The kids come from a wide background, including some who are fairly privileged, and others from very challenging backgrounds. It was amazing to see such a fun spirit sweep through the kids with them really responding to the freedom and responsibility they were given.

“On the camp that I helped lead we had over 50 campers, and a team of over 40 volunteers, including cooks, horse owners, tent leaders, activity leaders, lifeguards, admin support etc. It was fantastic to be a part of it, and a real bonus to receive two days charitable leave.”

Thanks to Chris for sharing his experiences and if you would like to know more about staff volunteering take a look at our volunteering page and the staff volunteering policy on MyWorkspace.

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