Staff Survey: The next steps

Posted by rmt22 at Jun 30, 2016 12:00 PM |
Find out what we’re doing next to take action on the results of the staff survey.

Further to the President and Vice-Chancellor’s email on 17 June regarding the results of the staff survey, we would like to thank you for your enthusiastic response to the staff survey and to share with you details of the next steps.

All activity will be linked to the four key themes of our strategic plan. These underpin all our proposed actions University-wide right through to your local team level.

Strategic plan themes

What is our overall approach?

This is the framework that we plan to use to action the staff survey results.

Staff survey action plan framework

Different actions will need attention at different levels. There are University-wide actions which will need to be addressed, then there are Department or College-specific actions which will need to be taken, and finally there are actions which will need oversight across a number of areas such as Communications. This will enable the local action planning at both College and departmental/divisional level to be connected to the wider university actions.

How can I find out what actions are taking place?

We will regularly update the staff survey webpages and include any news on this within Insider. There will also be updates at a local departmental/divisional level.

How can I get involved?

We’d love to hear from you on our Yammer group. We need to collectively work together to take the actions needed to make our University a truly great place to work. Further details on how to get involved with be posted on the staff survey webpages (log-in only) and discussed at team meetings.

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