Staff survey – one year on…

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 22, 2017 09:59 AM |
It has now been a year since the staff survey was launched at our University.

We were grateful for your feedback and have started to make changes as a result. We continue to build on the areas you told us were good and take action on the areas where you told us we need to improve.

The staff survey showed that we have many areas of strengths:

  • Participation in learning and development
  • Facilities
  • Change at department/division level
  • Involving staff

The survey has also been very effective in highlighting the areas where we need to improve;

  • You told us that appraisals were not taking place – we revised the appraisal process and launched Personal Development Discussions along with a commitment that everyone is entitled to and should have an appraisal.
  • You told us that we were not very effective at communicating the wellbeing support options in our University – we have launched a new benefits portal so all of the information is accessible in one place
  • You told us that ULT did not communicate as well as they could – we have ensured there are much more opportunities to connect with our University Leadership Team including in person. We now have regular ULT live events and ULT blogs

The action planning is a continual process and we would like to highlight some of the activity taking place. Click here to view the follow up to the staff survey action planning including department/divisional plans (requires log-in).

We will continue to keep you updated on the staff survey activity and later this year we will repeat the survey and hope you will participate.

We’d also love to hear from you if you a have any more great ideas for action. Please contact Claire Nicholls in the Human Resources team by emailing

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