Staff survey – communications action planning

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The staff survey action planning is continuing. There is activity taking place at University wide, college and department/division level as well as other identified specific areas.

We would like to share with you the action planning in response to the staff survey that is taking place regarding communications (University-wide).

Since the introduction of an Internal Communications function in May 2015 a lot of work and research into preferred methods of communication and our communication channels has taken place. That work is now beginning to bear fruit as a more co-ordinated approach to communications across the University is introduced.

Below are the headlines from the Communications action planning document which you can view here for more information (log-in only).

  • We are working with colleagues across the University to review and improve our communications channels including the staff webpages and Insider.
  • In January 2016 the Internal Communications team introduced Yammer, a group work solution which aids collaboration.
  • We are doing far more to improve transparency and visibility of University and ULT initiatives and decisions.
  • We are launching a set of institutional Internal Communications Guidelines which will give staff a framework to ensure their communications are as good as possible.
  • A network of Communications Champions across the University will work with Internal Communications to share, champion and feedback on key initiatives and ‘take the temperature’ locally.

Thank you for your staff survey feedback. It is enabling focused action planning and we hope you are starting to already experience the benefits of some of the improvements already made. We will continue to keep you regularly updated on the action planning taking place.

If you have any questions or comments about Communications please email Ross Tarbard, Senior Internal Communications Officer on

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