Staff overseas travel data

Posted by crm28 at May 11, 2017 02:51 PM |
Important information regarding international travel data.

The University provides insurance cover for staff travelling overseas on University-related business. This insurance covers academic visits for research, teaching, fieldwork, conferences and meetings, as well as business development, recruitment and promotional activity.

ULT has agreed that data provided by individuals relating to University business-related overseas travel may be passed on to appropriate individuals and departments within the University. Sharing this information will help to ensure that we are maximising the value of overseas travel to the University, and improve data management.

Any health-related data will not be shared.

Regular staff travel data updates are supplied to the International Office by the Insurance Office.  Responsibility for the distribution of this data rests with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor International (Professor Sarah Dixon) and the Director of the International Office (Suzanne Alexander). Records of all requests will be maintained by the International Office.

Requests for access to this data on a continuing basis should be submitted to Dr Fiona Ashmore in the International Office on the request form, which can be found on this webpage (log-in required).

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