Staff Netball – get back into netball or try something new for free!

Posted by rmt22 at Jul 12, 2017 01:12 PM |
Looking to get back into netball after years away from the sport? Wanting to try something new or simply practice more?

Staff netball is a great way to socialise, practice and equally as important, have fun whilst keeping fit. Members are from all levels and it offers the chance to start the sport again with supportive and friendly university colleagues who encourage one another all the way. It’s also free and on campus!

“It was over 10 years since I last played and I was really nervous about starting again. However, meeting colleagues who were in the same boat and learning from those more experienced, I quickly picked it back up again! It’s great to keep active and fit, but for me it has to be fun to keep me motivated, and this surely is!” Michelle Ramsumair

When: Every Tuesday 5-6pm

Where: Charles Wilson Sports Hall

Interested? Email Marie Muir ( or Liz Jennings ( to be added to the group.

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