Staff-made poppies to be sold for the British Legion

Posted by rmt22 at Nov 05, 2015 02:47 PM |
To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War, last year we appealed for people to knit or crochet a poppy.

Now we are giving you the chance to take away one of these poppies in return for a donation to the British Legion. 

Around 600 poppies were created as part of the project and each one had a label with the name of a serviceman who was buried in Welford Road Cemetery attached.

A display of crocheted poppies
Last year's poppy display

During the First World War the Fielding Johnson Building was used a military hospital with 514 deaths recorded, 286 of whom are buried across from the University in Welford Road Cemetery.

The University of Leicester was founded in the aftermath of the Great War, and our motto – Ut Vitam Habeant, “So that they may have life” – reflects our commitment to do justice to the hopes and expectations of those on whose shoulders we now stand.

To get one of the poppies while they are still available, simply visit the following areas, where British Legion paper poppies are also available.

  • Fielding Johnson Building front reception
  • Adrian Building reception
  • Medical Sciences Building reception
  • Henry Wellcome reception
  • Residential and Commercial Services reception
  • Computer Science Building reception
  • Hodgkin reception
  • Danielle Brown sports centre.

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