Sports and Recreation is now Sports and Active Life

Posted by rmt22 at May 02, 2017 09:54 AM |
We are renaming this fantastic service for students and staff to better reflect its wide-ranging activities.

The Sports and Recreation team have been a part of University life for a long time now, but that’s all about to change. The team aren’t going anywhere, but they’re getting a new name which more accurately reflects the wide range of work they get involved with.

From the organisation and support of Team Leicester, including our recent Varsity success, through to Intramural Sport and Staff Sports Clubs, the team will still look after everything sport at Leicester.

Under the umbrella of Active Life, the team’s activities will emphasise the importance of being physically active and contribute to developing health and wellbeing activities that can be incorporated into everyday life. This could include using the gym, attending a class, Parkrun, going for a walk or cycling to work. They will work closely with the Wellbeing team within Human Resources to ensure staff needs are also catered for.

We want a name that shows the wide-ranging contribution the team makes to students, staff and the wider community.

Staff can take advantage of a wide range of benefits through Sports and Active Life, including discounted membership of the University Sports Centre plus opportunities for staff to try out different sports and get involved with staff teams.

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