Royalties collection exercise currently taking place

Posted by crm28 at Sep 19, 2017 11:15 AM |
The CLA's royalties collection exercise is currently taking place across campus and it is essential that we do everything we can to ensure hard work is rewarded.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) are currently conducting an exercise to assess printed published materials which are being photocopied under the terms of the University’s CLA licence.

From Monday 18 September – Friday 27 October, you may notice a yellow collection box next to your photocopier. If you photocopy published material within this period, please ensure that you:

  1. Copy the identifying page of the publication which is usually the ISBN/title page
  2. Complete and affix a CLA data label, which will be located on or near the collection box
  3. Place the label on the identifying page
  4. Place the copy of the identifying page with the CLA data label attached into the yellow collection box

Information gathered from this exercise will be used to calculate the CLA's royalty payments to the rights holders and creators of materials, ensuring that the correct people are rewarded for their work. If your photocopier does not have a yellow collection box and accompanying instructions beside it, then it is not part of the exercise and there is no need to submit any information regarding its use at this stage.

If you would like to photocopy materials and are unsure whether they are covered by the University’s CLA licence, please read the copyright webpages:

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