Revised Consultancy Policy

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New policy for staff undertaking consultancy work comes into effect from 1 January

The University’s Consultancy Policy has been revised and updated for clarity and to ensure the policy can be applied consistently across the University.

Consultancy work is an important means by which the University can leverage its extensive range of expertise as a mechanism for facilitating knowledge exchange and contributing to economic, social and cultural impact beyond the immediate boundaries of the academic environment.

Engagement in such enterprising activity is actively encouraged by the University and consultancy activities undertaken by members of staff have many benefits for both the individual and the University including additional income, opportunities for industrial collaboration, improving personal skills, development, enhanced reputation of the University, contribution to the University’s knowledge transfer effort and contribution to impact statements for the REF.

Whilst such activities are not without risk, the University is keen to encourage and support its staff to engage in such activities in a professional and well-regulated manner, in order to minimise the risks to the individuals, the University and its reputation. The Consultancy Unit within the Research and Enterprise Division (RED) has been set-up with the specific purpose of managing and supporting these activities.

To this end, following extensive consultation, the University’s Consultancy policy has been revised and updated - you can view the new policy online here. Whilst the fundamental principles remain largely unchanged, it is intended that the re-worked version provides enhanced clarity for ease of understanding and implementation, and enables the policy to be applied consistently across the different Colleges, Departments and other working units at the University.

The Consultancy Policy is a working version accepted by ESPPC in October 2016 and in place from 1 January 2017. It will be subject to formal ratification by Senate in March 2017. Additional information on Consultancy Policy, process and practice will be added to the RED webpages in the coming months.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Dr Josef Walker, Consultancy Manager ( ext: 3390).

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