Research Networks and tiger teams announced

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Have a look at the new groups that we will be supporting

Following our recent call for new networks and tiger teams, the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies is delighted to announce the groups we will be supporting over the coming months.

Research Networks

  • Prisons Research Network

Lead: Dr Kate Gooch

Building on strong foundations as a tiger team, the Prisons Research Network aims to develop truly interdisciplinary methodologies of research, drawing together University expertise across the humanities, social and life sciences. The network will build collaborations within and beyond the academy, develop future research leaders, and produce world-leading research.

  • Artificial Intelligence Network

Management Group: Dr Yujie ChenDr Alistair McEwanDr Phoebe MooreProf Mohammadezra Mousavi

Responding to modern-day developments of AI applications in autonomous agents, robots and socio-economic decision making processes, the AI research network brings together expertise from technical, social, legal and business-related fields to develop interdisciplinary research. The AI Network will launch in the autumn with an internal Town Hall event.

Tiger Teams

The LIAS tiger team scheme supports highly innovative exploratory collaboration. Teams receive up to £5,000 for six months.

  • ‘Scientific Approaches to Dress, Material Culture and Identity’ will explore how the latest scientific techniques and methods for high tech materials analysis can be used for socio-historical study of dress and identity from Antiquity to Modern times (leads: Dr Svenja Bethke, Dr Jan Vandeburie)

Three of our new tiger teams are co-funded with the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund:

  • ‘Mental Health and Social Media’ will provide the conceptual foundation and early evidence base for a global study on how digital and social media can be used to promote adolescent mental health (lead: Dr Michelle O’Reilly)
  • ‘Migration, health and education’ will create a new multidisciplinary team to address important infectious disease challenges, addressing ethnic and social inequalities in health (leads: Dr Helen Eborall, Dr Manish Pareek)
  • ‘Urgent care for frail older people’ will create a new multidisciplinary team to develop new understandings of the urgent care needs of frail older people (lead: Prof Simon Conroy)

The LIAS Director, Professor Lisa Smith, said: ‘The new funded projects will benefit from the experience of our existing networks, and cohorts 1 and 2 of the tiger team scheme. We look forward to working closely with these research teams to ensure the right mix of environment and opportunities for stimulating new and exciting interdisciplinary research across the University.’

Prof Iain Gillespie (PVC Research and Enterprise) has also welcomed the new groups: ‘The Research Networks and tiger teams schemes are intended to stimulate new interdisciplinary research that addresses some of the most pressing societal and global challenges we face today. The existing groups have shown that it is possible to inject excitement and fresh ways of thinking about research by looking at research questions from different perspectives; I look forward to hearing more about what these new cohorts will achieve over the coming months.’

Would you like to get involved?

You can sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter by emailing, contact a network or tiger team lead and keep an eye on our events page. You can also have a look at our webpage and see how you can apply for a future tiger team or network

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