Registering attendance just got easier for students!

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A new way of registering attendance at timetabled taught events has been introduced at the University and is being launched for all campus based taught students from the start of their Autumn Semester 2016.

The Attendance Management System (AMS) is an in-house developed system which will replace existing attendance registration processes.

We have a simple message to students - Touch GREEN to be SEEN.

Over the summer, most of our teaching spaces have had card readers installed inside. When students attend a timetabled teaching event, all they need to do is touch their student ID card against one of the readers in the room until it turns green. This will register their attendance at this event. When they do this for the first time, this may take up to ten seconds as their card is being activated. Once students have activated their card, this will take just a couple of seconds.

When student attendance data is captured, staff can view this through our web-based system (AMS).

Why are we changing our current process?

Moving away from a paper-based system will save time for both students and staff in teaching events and staff who process their attendance information.

Our new attendance management system will also ensure compliance with UKVI requirements linked to sponsoring Tier 4 students. It also ensures we're fully compliant with the Student Loans Company (SLC), in relation to students who have been withdrawn.

The implementation of a new attendance management system has been reflected in an updated Policy on Attendance at Timetabled Teaching Events.

When are these changes happening?

The new system has been in use for returning medical students since 5 September 2016. All other campus-based taught students will use the new system when their timetabled teaching events start.

Communication to new and returning students will be taking place over the coming days and weeks, directing them to

Professional services staff in schools and departments who will use the system have attended briefings and practical training sessions.

Academic members of staff who are timetabled to teach can access the system if they would like to do so. More information for academic members of staff will be emailed over the coming days and weeks.

For more information please visit our project website pages. Our project team members are detailed there, so feel free to contact us.

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