REF2021 Esteem Factors: Making sure your IRIS profile is up to date

Posted by rmt22 at Jun 26, 2018 10:31 AM |
We’re making great progress in preparation for REF 2021 but we need you to let us know about the contributions you make to the wider discipline beyond the University.

All academic staff are required to enter relevant esteem factors for REF2021 into their IRIS profiles by the end of Friday 28 September.

The university is making good progress in preparation for our REF 2021 submission. Details are available in the latest edition of the REF newsletter.

A REF Steering Group has been established and Unit of Assessment Leads and Deputies have been appointed. Reviews of the quality of outputs and impact case studies are underway, and we are now turning our attention to the research environment element of the submission.

Esteem is an important part of the research environment, as it enables us to highlight how individuals and groups of individuals make contributions to their wider discipline beyond the University.

A guide to the types of activity which can be considered to be esteem factors, and where they should be recorded in IRIS, is available on the IRIS website. We expect the REF 2021 period for environment to run from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2020, so only activities in this period need to be recorded.

While we are asking that you carry out this exercise to support our REF submission, the information you enter into IRIS can inform completion of part B of your PDD (Performance Development Discussion) document.

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