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An announcement from Professor Mark Peel, Provost

Thank you to colleagues across the institution who were involved in preparing Vision, Opportunity and Risk statements as part of the University’s new planning process. The timelines this year were shorter than anyone would have liked.

This was regrettable, though probably unavoidable as we shifted gear and introduced a new process, a new language and a new approach, I recognise that some colleagues felt very rushed and next year’s planning round will take account of what we have learned this year.

Further information on the next stage in the process is now available in Guidance Note 2, which details the requirements for the next deadlines in the process: 29 January and 18 March for the submission of indicative and up-dated financial plans and 1 April 2016 for the submission of area plans.

The note also contains information about drop-in planning surgeries during January, February and March, as well as updates on the development of the supporting delivery strategies for the Strategic Plan.

Planning Guidance Note 2 –  18 January 2016 (link is log-in only)

Professor Mark Peel

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