Performance Development Discussion 2017/18 – Revised forms are ready to use

Posted by rmt22 at Jun 09, 2017 03:01 PM |
As detailed in the Vice-Chancellor's email on Monday 5 June, we have made some changes to Personal Development Discussions based on your feedback.

Many thanks to colleagues for engaging with our new appraisal process, Performance Development Discussion (PDD) over the past year.

Everyone should receive a PDD at least once a year to help them maximise their strengths and develop their skills even further. For 2017/18 all PDDs should be completed by 31 May 2018.

Following helpful colleague feedback Organisational Development (OD) has made a number of changes to Form A, the form that all of us use.

For those of you who use Form B alongside Form A you have a revised version of this to work with.

OD has also refreshed and strengthened its package of supporting training materials.

Therefore, everything is ready to go for this year!

Please visit HERE to find all documentation, materials and other helpful information.

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