Pathways: Major/Minor update

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Preparations are underway for students starting on Major/Minor degrees from September 2016.

Last year we launched the Pathways scheme, which allows our undergraduate students to study in a way which suits them, whether through single honours, joint honours or through a range of major-minor combinations.

The UCAS deadline for applications was 15 January and we are pleased to have received 461 applications for major/minor degrees. We are working with Admissions to build a complete picture of combinations by the beginning of March.

Over the next few months we will be persuading applicants that doing a Major/Minor degree at Leicester is a great option. Plans are in place to make sure that effort is put into making offer holders welcome at visit days and other conversion activities will include a phone campaign, online chats and direct mailings. We are hoping that the uniqueness and flexibility of our offer will make for a good conversion rate.

We want to make sure that the students receive a good experience before they arrive at Leicester and during their studies with us, and we are working on a number of initiatives to ensure they receive the advice and support that they need. A workshop run by the LLI in January, attended by professional services staff from across the University, discussed issues of transition and induction, and came up with ideas about how students can be supported.

A job description is being drawn up for academic advisors for students studying more than one subject (Major/Minor and joint degrees). We are developing student-facing webpages that will provide information that will cover their questions and provide contact details. Additional support will be available through the Students’ Union peer support network.

The challenges of timetabling so many new combinations of modules are not insignificant. Work has already started to model the timetable based on a roll-forward of this year’s data and we are working with departments on to ensure that all Major and Minor students can engage fully with their chosen programmes.

The Pathways Steering Group has been working with Colleges and Departments to agree on the portfolio of Majors and Minors for 2017/18 entry. We want to consolidate the current offer before expanding significantly and a few of the current Minors will not be offered next year.

However we are delighted that we are working with departments to develop new majors in Criminology and Human Geography, and new minors in Sustainability and Counselling Skills (all subject to programme approval).

If you have any questions about the introduction of Major/Minor degrees then please email Carol Arlett on

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