Pathways: a new way to study at the University of Leicester

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We are introducing a new way to study at the University of Leicester in order to give students more choice over the way in which they combine different subjects.

Pathways will introduce a major-minor option complementing our existing single and joint honours undergraduate degrees from September 2016. Students will now be able to study a 75% major in one of a range of selected subjects alongside a 25% minor in another.

Pathways will give students more choice and an exciting opportunity to shape what their degree says about their skills, interests and future directions. It will also give our academic departments an opportunity to flag specific strengths and areas of vocational focus alongside their core disciplines.

Some majors and minors, such as Global Studies, are being developed as inter-disciplinary initiatives, while colleagues in other areas, including natural and human sciences, are developing co-taught minors that can make studies in science available to a broader range of students.

In all, Pathways will allow us to dramatically expand the number of subject areas and specialisations our students can choose, based largely upon existing modules. It will make our academic offer more agile and will make it easier to experiment and be adventurous.

Modern employers look for many skills from university graduates, not least the ability to work across different areas and show multidisciplinary skills, and Pathways will allow students to explore new options, combine disciplines in novel ways and follow their personal areas of interest.

As emphasised in the ‘Pathways at Leicester’ brochure, single, joint and major/minor degrees all have their particular attractions for employers and graduate recruiters. Adding this further option gives Leicester students an additional choice that they can’t get at the great majority of other institutions.

The first set of pathway courses, which includes 18 major and 37 minor options from humanities, social science and science, will begin in September 2016 and we will be launching the recruitment drive at our July Open Days. Further majors and minors will be introduced for the 2017-8 academic year.

Our Leicester Learning Institute is working together with departments who are developing and delivering Pathways and have put together a mini-site full of resources and answers to the most commonly asked questions about the programme.

If you have any queries about the Pathways initiative, please contact Carol Arlett by emailing

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