Partnership with Dalian University of Technology reaches next milestones

Posted by rmt22 at Aug 15, 2017 08:52 AM |
Programmes approved and first students recruited for the Dalian partnership, which officially opens in September.

Our strategic partnership with Dalian University of Technology in Panjin, China, has recently reached two major milestones in its development.

Firstly, the University of Leicester programme approval process has now been completed with two programmes to commence in September 2017: BSc Chemistry and BEng Mechanical Engineering.  Secondly, around 180 students have now been recruited onto the programmes. Final student numbers will be confirmed following registration in Panjin at the beginning of September.

A sub-panel of our Academic Policy Committee visited Panjin in June to look at quality assurance, with a particular focus upon student support. As a result of the visit, and substantive work by the Quality Office and delivery team, the conditions and recommendations for programme approval have now been met, providing a strong foundation for the partnership moving forward.

During the visit, the Panjin campus (which has been open since 2013) also celebrated the graduation (called Commencement in Panjin) of its first-ever undergraduate students (pictured), which was attended by our Academic Registrar, Geoff Green.

Students from across China will start their study at the Dalian-Leicester Institute on the 2 September in a dedicated building on the Panjin campus. President & Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle will be attending the opening events, joining Professor Eric Hope from the Department of Chemistry who was recently appointed as the Director of the Institute.

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